eTRIMS Image Database




The database is comprised of two datasets, the 4-Class eTRIMS Dataset with 4 annotated object classes and the 8-Class eTRIMS Dataset with 8 annotated object classes.

Image 4 Classes Image 8 Classes



Currently, there are 60 annotated images in each of the datasets.


Data provided here may be used for research purposes.

Example Images

Example images and the corresponding annotation can be viewed here:


Data format adheres to the PASCAL Visual Object Classes Challenge 2008 (VOC 2008) Segmentation Taster data format. However, as opposed to the VOC 2008 we do not make use of the index 255 that corresponds to 'void' or unlabelled.


If you make use of the database, please cite the following reference in resulting publications:

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We gratefully acknowledge members of the eTRIMS consortium, namely: Jan Cech, Martin Drauschke, Ondrej Drbohlav, Johannes Hartz, Daniel Heesch, Lothar Hotz, Mohammad Jahangiri, Arne Kreutzmann, Radim Sara, Hanns-F. Schuster, Jan Sochman, Robby T. Tan, Kasim Terzic and Susanne Wenzel, who contributed to the database by collecting data, providing annotations and supervising students. We thank all members of the eTRIMS consortium for valuable discussions and feedback. We further thank our students who helped programming the infractucture, namely David Schneider and Jens Uwe Michael Lange. Eventually, we wish to acknowledge the numerous other students who spent much time completing the annotation.


This work was supported by the EU Project eTRIMS - eTraining for Interpreting Images of Man-Made Scenes. 2006 - 2009

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