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EuroSDR and ISPRS Test on "Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing"
Call for data provision


The European Spatial Data Research Network (EuroSDR) and the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS) will perform an empirical "Test on Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing" in the following called EuroSDR-ISPRS-Test. The goal of the test is to assess the potential of recent classification and interpretation techniques in the context of remote sensing image analysis. The data will be open for everyone who wants to participate in the test. You can find the outline of the test in Appendix A,

We invite you to provide data sets for this test. A data set consists of remote sensing image and corresponding reference information, i. e. information about the land cover of the individual pixels. In addition, a brief description of the land cover classes and image data set should be provided. The data sets are meant to be collected on our server and made freely accessible to the research community. The detailed properties of the envisaged data sets are described in Appendix B.

We kindly ask you to tell us, whether you can provide adequate data sets for the EuroSDR-ISPRS-Test. For this please use the form in Appendix C, one for each type of data set you intend to provide. We would be happy if you could support this test by proving data sets. Please send us the forms back, not any data

until 15. August 2012.

On condition that an adequate number of data sets can be provided to perform a sound test, we would ask you to make the data available within the next half year (approximately end of November 2012) and provide you with a more detailed description of the required formats.

Please, send the information to the following persons:

We look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

Best wishes

Wolfgang Förstner, Björn Waske