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    Intercommission Working Group III/VII - Pattern Recognition for Remote Sensing, 2008-2012


General Plan of Activities



In order to achieve the goals of the WG, we are organising concrete activities within its 4-year time plan. Below we list our proposed activities planned up to 2012. This activity plan will be updated and augmented continuously.  
In our activities mentioned below we will co-operate with other ISPRS WGs and Technical Commissions, ISPRS Members, as well as WGs of other related societies.


Planned activities:

  1. Hold workshops on methods for pattern recognition in remote sensing. In order not to increase the travel amount further, we will place the workshops close to larger conferences covering the topics of the WG. In 2010 and 2012 the meeting of the WG will take place at the occasion of the mid-term symposium in France (2010) and the Congress in Australia (2012). The first workshop "Performance Evaluation of Pattern Recognition in Remote Sensing" will take place the day before the annual meeting of the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM), at 8. 9. 2009 in Jena, Germany. A homepage is available here.
  2. Organize benchmark tests based on multichannel-images and ground truth for evaluating and comparing image interpretation methods. Here we will provide own data sets but also ask the participants to provide data sets.
  3. Provide a home page for easy mutual information. (Here it is !)
  4. Announcement on our WEB page of publications in our fields (books, journals, proceedings, paper collections, bibliographic collections etc.), with emphasis on free electronic material.
  5. Collection and free access at our WEB page of proceedings and tutorial notes of ISPRS events.
  6. Collection of relevant WEB links, incl. related newsgroups and list servers, hardware and software companies.
  7. Preparation of annual reports for ISPRS, as well as preparation of reports on WG-cosponsored events and WG news to be published in the ISPRS Highlights.