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Tutorial Informations

The tutorials will take place
at the
Insitute of Photogrammetry, Nussallee 15

Download registration-form for the tutorials The fees of 50.- Euro each are payable before the workshops.

Download of the tutorial slides:
Slides of the tutorial of Peter Sturm: pdf (12 MB) or ppt (42 MB),
Slides of the tutorial of David Nister: pdf (22 MB) or ppt (79 MB).

19. September 2006, 09:00-12:30

Modeling and Analysing Images of Generic Cameras

Peter Sturm, INRIA

  • Introduction: Imaging Systems
    • SVP (single viewpoint)
    • NSVP (non-single viewpoint)
    • Applications
  • General imaging models: caustics, lookup tables, ...
  • Non-parametric calibration
    • Non-single viewpoint models
    • Single viewpoint models
    • Radial camera models
    • Non-parametric self-calibration
  • Distortion correction
  • Structure-from-motion for general camera models
    • Motion estimation
    • Pose estimation
    • Epipolar geometry
    • Multi-view geometry

Additional material:
  • Slides of a tutorial held at ECCV 2006 (having partial overlap with the present tutorial)
  • Papers by the presenter on the topics of the tutorial can be found here

Price: 50.00 Euro

19. September 2006, 14:00-17:30

Recognition and 3D Reconstruction from Video

David Nister, University of Kentucky

  • Feature Extraction and Affine Region Detectors
  • Clustering, Vocabulary Trees, tf-idf
  • Robust Geometry Estimation, Camera Tracking
  • Minimal Case solvers
  • RANSAC with fast scoring
  • Bundle Adjustment
  • Dense Stereo
  • Depth Map Fusion
  • Surface Reconstruction

The recognition discussion will be relating to Scalable Recognition with a Vocabulary Tree and the 3D reconstruction discussion relating to for example Towards Urban 3D Reconstruction From Video.

Recent Developments on Direct Relative Orientation, An efficient solution to the five-point relative pose problem, and many others all available at http://vis.uky.edu/~dnister/Publications/publications.html

Price: 50.00 Euro

Institute of Photogrammetry Bonn
University Bonn, Germany
Nussallee 15, 53115 Bonn